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Choose from Personal Chef Service or Meal delivery through our Community Cook Program

 Contact the chef to set up a consultation. We will customize a 3-4 meal menu for your health and dietary goals. Each meal will consist of 4-8 servings. That is up to 32 meals in one cook date.

Choose between weekly meal delivery on our community cook program and share the cost of food with other families, giving you the highest quality ingredients at an economical cost.

Or if you're in need of a more customized approach then a in home personal chef service is available.


All the meal planning, shopping, prep work, cooking, cleaning and heat and serve instructions are provided.

 Personal Chef or Community Cook Program Pricing

Pricing will vary depending on meal ingredients

Personal chef fee is $275 plus the cost of food

Community Cook Program fee is $250 per family plus the cost of food (the cost of food is shared by all families on the program bringing the food bill down. A minimum of 3 families is required)

Nutrition and Health Coaching Pricing

As a dual certified nutritionist Starla specializes in autoimmune conditions, food allergies, digestive dysbiosis, thyroid, hormonal and adrenal disfunction, fertility issues, autism spectrum disorder, sleep issues, and much more.

 Functional Nutrition and health coaching base pricing $260 this will provide you with a full intake including lab test ordering and analysis, customized protocol with dietary, life style, nutrition and herbal interventions.

Follow up phone call pricing is $60 per hour (pro-rated for exact time used)

Functional lab or basic lab ordering without analysis $29 flat fee plus the cost of your labs. This gives you the freedom to get the labs you need without having to pay for a intake or argue with your doctor over what labs you need.

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