Health is a way of life and it is my goal to help others to optimize their way of living.

With being faced with a autoimmune disease at the young age of 25 I was forced to look deeper then I ever have into my health. Although my path had guided me to the realm of healing arts at a young age, and inspired me to make my health as enriched as I could this instance brought it all to reality. 

When I ate certain foods I felt groggy and achy. Then other foods made me energized and limber. At this point I knew that in order to help others to heal , I needed to learn to heal myself first. So I did.


At 16 I started my journey towards helping others to connect to their health by attending massage therapy school and graduating with honors by the age of 17 and beginning my practice. At 21 I studied deeply in the yoga community in San Diego and New York City. During that time I shadowed a lovely Shaman for over a year. I ventured into working for a Ayurvedic doctor out of Boulder CO for some time as a panchakarma therapist. At that time I became more enchanted with food and herbs. I learned a great deal working for him. I attended the Living light culinary institute for RAW and living foods in FT Bragg CA, to become certified as a RAW food Chef. Being so inspired by food, I then enrolled and graduated from Bauman College as a Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant.

That didn't stop my love for learning, a few years later I would delve deeper into my herbal studies at Moondance Botanicals, and then to graduate as a Advanced Clinical Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist from The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. 

Over my healing journey I have gained a deep passion and curiosity around genetics and epigenetics, along with functional medicine. Most recently I joined and trained through a advanced community of practitioners at Metabolic Healing as a Master Functional Lab Test Evaluator. This training has expanded my scope of understanding each clients case in far more depth then most nutritionist, gaining my clients and myself much faster results.

Starla Mercer


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If you are in need of a chef to impress your kitchen a night a week, or one to have a full on love affair with your fridge look no further. Whether you are a hopeless bachelor, a busy family trying to balance it all, someone struggling to find the path to regaining their health or a new mom needing nourishment.

 Natural Chef Starla Mercer is here to support you.

Community Style Meal Delivery and Customized Personal Chef service

100% organic gluten free consciously sourced meals. Allergen free paleo and vegan friendly. 

Bio-individual approach. Specializing in auto-immune recovery with a functional medicine approach to your health and diet.


Personal Chef and Meal Delivery Services. Nutrition Counseling. Health Coaching. Herbal Formulation.