Natural Chef Starla Mercer brings the knowledge of nutrition, and unites her talents with the freshest local ingredients to create a culinary adventure for your senses.


Explore the possibilities of having a professional, who prepares food just to your TASTE and nutritional needs.


Our Community Meal Delivery Program offers the luxury and support of having a Nutritionist and Professionally trained Personal Chef at a weekly or bi-weekly economical rate!

    Health at its Tastiest
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    If you are in need of a chef to impress your kitchen a night a week, or one to have a full on love affair with your fridge look no further. Whether you are a hopeless bachelor, a busy family trying to balance it all, someone struggling to find the path to regaining their health or a new mom needing nourishment.

     Natural Chef Starla Mercer is here to support you.

    Community Style Meal Delivery and Customized Personal Chef service

    100% organic gluten free consciously sourced meals. Allergen free paleo and vegan friendly. 

    Bio-individual approach. Specializing in auto-immune recovery with a functional medicine approach to your health and diet.


    Personal Chef and Meal Delivery Services. Nutrition Counseling. Health Coaching. Herbal Formulation.